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Providing Wise Counsel In Child Custody Matters

One of the toughest issues to iron out in a divorce case can be child custody, known in New York as “parental access.” Having an experienced New York custody attorney help you negotiate your parenting plan can make the process simpler and less stressful.

My name is Barry Abbott, owner of Abbott Law PLLC, and I have been a family law attorney in New York City for more than 40 years. I’ve litigated many complex custody cases in my career, but now I use my trial background to find ways to help parents keep custody decisions in their own hands – and outside the courtroom – when possible.

How I Help Clients Develop Parental Access Plans

As with other aspects of the divorce process, I often utilize a network of professionals in mental health and other areas to provide an interdisciplinary method of shaping a custody plan. If you have aspects of your life that need to change to give you a better chance at the level of custody or visitation rights that you want, I can advise you on the steps you can take that will demonstrate your fitness to parent.

Alternatively, you may feel you are entitled to greater custody/parental access than your ex. If that is the case, we will look at your situation closely. I will share with you my insights on how a judge may view your request, and how much time it may take through litigation to achieve it. I can also suggest alternatives that may provide a similar result for your family and have a greater likelihood of making it into the final divorce decree.

Of course, if there are significant safety concerns about your children living with or interacting with your ex, I will prepare a strong argument for a custody arrangement that puts their well-being first.

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